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The UFL is BACK! And It’s Hiding Right Next To You…

May 22, 2010

The United Football League returns for its second season as the football fan’s alternative to college football confusion or to mid-season NFL. Remember all those dudes who got cut in Hard Knocks? They play in the UFL.

The UFL is like live-action video game football. You’ll see plenty of bonkers offensive play calling, experimental defensive schemes, trick plays and special teams action on par with the NFL…good stuff.


Hey playa, need a Sharpie?


One thing that concerns me though, no UFL team in Texas. You’d think San Antonio would be clamoring for pro football in that barn-thedral known as the Alamodome. I think the UFL would be foolish not to have a strong presence in the state that creates the most NFL players and Hall of Famers. I predict next season the UFL will have a team in either Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi OR even the Rio Grande Valley.


In AWE of my wheels...


I like minor league sports, especially the higher levels that feature top-quality athletes. I was very excited to see Robert Ferguson in the UFL, playing for the Omaha Nighthawks…He is a local guy, starred at Texas A&M and helped me during my 2010 NFL Pro Day Workout at PLEX with ND Kalu…Ferguson was dazzled by my blazin’ 40 speed and my superior ball-skills inspired him to get in extra reps running routes. I’m sure he’ll dominate the UFL and find himself in the NFL late in the season…all thanks to me, naturally.

The UFL isn’t the next XFL bust operation, if Mark Cuban wants to invest in something, you should follow him. I’ve been buying Avion Tequila website names, including misspellings, just because he FICTIONALLY got interested in the brand on Entourage! Here in Houston, we’d like to see him turn the MLB upside down and buy the Houston Astros!

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  1. Straight Cash Homey permalink
    September 23, 2010 3:52 PM

    Maurice Clarett rising like the Phoenix…keep him out of dark alleys

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